The all-in-one charging cable

The world's first all-in-one charging cable

allroundo® is a solution that is inspired by the needs of the generation digital lifestyle. As the world's first all-in-one charging cable, allroundo® offers the ability to connect all current devices with an available power source.

Over 600 possible colour combinations




The all-rounder among charging cables

Allroundo® adapters offer six different ways to charge and transfer data from almost any device.

Designed for any device

allroundo® includes a lightning adapter for e.g. iPhones, an USB-C adapter for android smartphones and a micro-usb adapter for cameras.

A reliable connection to any power source is ensured by a USB-C adapter and a USB-A adapter.

6,5 cm Diameter

Der Due to its compact size, allroundo® is the perfect companion in everyday life.

Up to 50 cm cable length

Thanks to the up to 50 cm long connection cable, flexible handling is child's play when charging all devices.

Apple MFI licensed

With the Apple-licensed Lightning charging cable and the manufacturer's strict requirements, we guarantee full functionality and maintenance of the warranty.

Secure data transfer

In addition to the charging function, allroundo® offers secure data transfer at all times.




Simple, solid, transparent: allroundo® comes conveniently packaged in our practical blister packaging.

High-quality, trendy, practical: Our giveaway packaging comes with a convenient, easy-to-open system and sets the focus on your company.